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Virginia Harvest is our family company supplying milled seeds such as flaxseed, hemp seeds, sunflowerseeds, pumpkinseeds and protein powders direct from the farm to your table for everyday use. These are ready to add to everyday food such as breakfast cereals, smoothies and juices, dips, soups, salads and baking.

About Me:

As a child I was reared close to nature on a mixed farm. Our fruits and vegetables were grown in our own fields, milk from our own grass fed cows was raw and naturally soured to make brown bread and our chickens were free range. The kitchen was the heart of our home and the preparation of good nutritious food formed the building block of the robust good health that I still enjoy to this day.

Having attained an honours degree in Food science and Human Nutrition and a Masters in Business Administration, I spent many years working in the mainstream food industry both in research and development and later as an independent technical consultant.  

Over time I began to realize that many of the foods, being developed and marketed relentlessly to consumers  increasingly bore no resemblance to the foods I grew up with. The rise in the use of additives, preservatives, sugar, hydrogenated fats ‘processing aids’  sweeteners and other chemically modified ingredients were designed with profit in mind not health and I could not reconcile this with my fundamental belief in the wisdom of eating wholesome natural foods

During this time I began to research the role of foods in the management and prevention of illness. This was a departure from my conventional training as a food scientist and I soon recognised that not only did I have an enormous interest in this area, but nutrients from natural foods worked better than any medicine!

While studying  Naturopathic Nutrition I recognised that there was a need to supply the market with pre-milled seeds and seed / berry mixes. Seeds are a vastly under utilized source of nutrients in modern diets, nutrients that are essential for the maintenance of health and proper cellular function.The nutrients in seeds are much more bio available to the body than nutrients from supplements. 

As a food scientist and nutritionist I realised that pre milling seeds allows much greater utilization of the nutrients by the body and by careful packaging the pre milled seeds could be made available to people as a convenient and highly nutritious addition to their diet.

Now we sell, Milled Flaxseed, Flaxseed with gojiberries, Gluten / Wheat Baking Mixes,  Crushed sunflower and pumpkinseeds, Shelled hempseeds and V-Pro Hemp protein Powder

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Today Virginia Health Food Company provides top quality milled seeds, seed mixes and seed/ berry mixes to retail outlets throughout Ireland and the UK, and direct to consumers via our website ordering system.

Helen O Dowd 
Founding Director

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