I’m Helen O’Dowd founder and joint director of www.virginiafoods.net . I believe optimum nutrition with natural wholefoods, eating foods as close to nature as you can get, staying active and well hydrated and minimising your exposure to artificial chemicals and toxins is essential to maintaining lifelong health.

As a nutritionist  I firmly believe that at the root of chronic illness and unhealthy ageing, is faulty metabolism caused by long term nutrient deficiencies and poor detoxification.

A key way to prevent nutritional deficiencies is to include milled seeds in your diet every day, as seeds are a highly concentrated source of easy to absorb nutrients    Whole Flaxseed has a particularly tough outer coat , Milling the seed breaks the outer coat making the nutrients inside much more available. This is why milled flaxseed is a key product in our range of milled seeds.  Milled flaxseed is the ideal way to consume flaxseed as it makes it easier for the body to digest and aborb the nutrients inside.

We supply products such as milled flaxseed, sunflower seeds, pumpkinseeds and hemp seeds ready for you to add to everyday foods like breakfast cereal,  smoothies,yoghurt, baked goods, dips, soups, salads.  

Virginia Harvest Health Food Co now supplies, milled seeds, seed and fruit mixes.  gluten / wheat free baking mixes, and V-Pro  protein powder to the market in a range of convenient, highly nutrient dense wholefood products that can be easily incorporated in everyday meals and contain Fibre, essential fats, trace minerals and vitamins, and phytonutrients needed to support a healthy metabolism.

V-Pro Protein powder

 Optimum Nutritional status is critical to sports performance also. Regardless of their training, hard work and determination  sports people with inadequate diets may fail to reach their full performance potential often because of nutrient deficiencies, poor digestive function, and highly acid- forming diets. Because of the need  to fuel recovery and build muscle, many athletes are using highly processed and refined animal protein supplements to boost their protein intake. However my belief is that these supplements put a lot of strain on the digestive system and add to further acid build up delaying recovery. By substituting these processed protein supplements  with  natural plant based proteins such as V-Pro protein powder made from hempseeds, sports people can still ingest a full balance of amino acids while maintaining body alkalinity. V-Pro is easy to digest, and contains not just high quality protein but also essential fats, fibre and trace minerals and phytonutrients thus supporting optimum metabolism in the best way possible - as nature intended


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Today you can find our range of products in our on line shop, and in  Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Health Stores throughout the UK and Ireland.

I invite you to browse our website, which we hope will inspire you and in particular the ‘our kitchen’ section where you can find some great ways to use seeds everyday to benefit your family’s health.  Keep up to date with my latest advice and recipes on my blog, follow me on twitter and sign up to the monthly Virginia Harvest newsletter (packed full of useful health tips, competitions and much more).   

Helen O Dowd BSc( Hons), MBA, Dip NT
Founding Director
Virginia Harvest

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