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At last; those of us avoiding wheat and gluten can now enjoy delicious homemade bread and scones with the taste and texture of regular bread.  I was really excited when after months of trial I finally produced these light soft and delicious breads without any chemical stabilizers or wheat starch.  I had finally cracked it !  When I gave them to my friends, even those who are regular wheat eaters, it was the same story. Adults and children scoffed the lot  and could not believe they were both wheat and gluten free:- Brilliant !


Requiring just a few minutes of your time to mix and bake, the brown bread or scones not only  bake off soft and light but ( and here is the best bit) they stay fresh for several days after baking if you wrap them carefully when cool and store at room temperature ( not in the fridge). You can use them at any meal or as a snack.

To refresh them after a day or 2 you can pop them in the microwave for only a few seconds and you have that fresh baked texture again.

 The brown bread is fantastic on its own, spread with butter , jam or marmalade or to make closed or open sandwiches . It is perfect for canapés ( spread with houmous, guacamole, cream cheese or goats cheese) or topped with smoked salmon or prawns . Really a fantastic way to entertain your friends the gluten free way!

The scones bake up soft , fluffy and light . They are slightly sweet and make fantastic snacks , for entertaining friends or to have handy when you have unexpected guests.  Just whip up some cream ( or use clotted cream) then dollop with a little jam and you have the best cream tea you have ever tasted.  ! And it is gluten free ! They are even  perfect for  your little ones going to school  to include in lunch boxes spread with a little jam or fruit spread

The sandwich bread makes the most amazing sandwiches !  Light and airy you can fill with any filling of your choice and enjoy the taste and  convenience of fresh homemade sandwiches, at your desk on the office , at school or on a picnic . As the mix already contains the yeast you just need to add warm water and oil ( I prefer to use olive oil or butter )  Instead of a loaf  you can also make fresh baps by dropping large spoons of dough onto baking parchment, smoothing them into rounds with the back of a wet spoon and allowing them to rise in a warm place covered with an inverted bowl, until doubled in size. Then bake them off at 200C for 20 minutes .

You can even make Foccaccia ! Just spead the sandwich  dough immediately after mixing onto baking parchment into  a large round flat disk about ½   inch thick.  Brush  the top of the dough olive oil, stud with olives and sprinkle with chopped fresh rosemary or parmesan. Allow to rise in a warm place ( under a large inverted bowl ) until doubled in size. Then bake in the centre of an oven at 200C for 20-25 minutes.   Cool and tear and share  !   Makes a great pizza base also !

 The sandwich bread mix is actually best if mixed by hand as some mixers can overwork the dough.


 If you wish to use a breadmaker use the large size 300g Sandwich bread pack. We have excellent results from the gluten free setting in a panasonic  Model SD2500. Set the programme to dark crust and make sure the water you add is warm ( not cold or hot) 


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