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I’m Helen O’Dowd founder and joint director of . I believe optimum nutrition with natural wholefoods, eating foods as close to nature as you can get, staying active and well hydrated and minimising your exposure to artificial chemicals and toxins is essential to maintaining lifelong health.

As a nutritionist  I firmly believe that at the root of chronic illness and unhealthy ageing, is faulty metabolism caused by long term nutrient deficiencies and poor detoxification.

A key way to prevent nutritional deficiencies is to include milled seeds in your diet every day, as seeds are a highly concentrated source of easy to absorb nutrients    Whole Flaxseed has a particularly tough outer coat , Milling the seed breaks the outer coat making the nutrients inside much more available. This is why milled flaxseed is a key product in our range of milled seeds.  Milled flaxseed is the ideal way to consume flaxseed as it makes it easier for the body to digest and aborb the nutrients inside.

We supply products such as milled flaxseed, sunflower seeds, pumpkinseeds and hemp seeds ready for you to add to everyday foods like breakfast cereal,  smoothies,yoghurt, baked goods, dips, soups, salads.  

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