We supply a range of hemp foods to customers in the UK and Ireland and are passionate about hemp foods extraordinary therapeutic properties. Our Hemp foods include: V-Pro Hemp Protein powder, Virginia Harvest Hempseed oil and  Virginia Harvest shelled hempseeds

Hemp  used in ayurvedic medicine for the alleviation of migraine headaches and stomach spasms, to alleviate pain, as an antispasmodic and to promote digestion, A number of compounds present in hemp foods are suggested as being instrumental in the alleviation of migraine headache.  As testament to this a number of our customers have advised us  that regular consumption of V-PRO has reduced considerably and indeed in some cases eliminated the occurence of their migraines attacks completely

 Part of the explanation may lie in the fact that hemp in the only plant genus in which cannabinoids are found. In industrial hemp ( that used for food) , measurable quantities of Cannabidiol ( CBD) ( a non- psychoactive cannabinoid ) have been found. CBD has documented anticonvulsive, antiepileptic and antimicrobial properties  .Similarly terpenes found in hemp foods have been identified and cited as being anti-inflammatory and  antiallergenic. While research is ongoing it is likely that these cannabinoids are in part responsible for the alleviation of the vascular spasms associated with migraine headache.

Hemp protein also contains unusually high levels of arginine ( much higher than egg protein). This amino acid is a precursor of nitric oxide a potent vasodilator and indeed hemp protein is used by people who suffer from hypertension. Its ability to relax blood vessels may also contribute to the alleviation of migraine

Other evidence of hemp’s enormous healing and antiinflammatory potential is the ability of hemp oil to prevent the eruption of herpes cold sores when applied topically at the first sign of active infection. This has been proven to work time and time again.

So we believe that regular inclusion of hemp foods in the diet can be enormously beneficial given hemp’s documented pharmacological properties.

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Helen O’Dowd

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