V-Pro Natural Hemp Protein Powder- the smartest choice for Young Athletes

Optimum Nutritional status is critical to sports performance. Regardless of their training and determination young sports people with inadequate diets may fail to reach their full performance potential often because of nutrient deficiencies, poor digestive function, and highly acid- forming diets
A diet containing a high level alkaline forming plant based foods is gaining greater recognition among sports nutritionists as the way to optimise  energy and sports performance. When it comes to choosing a safe natural  protein supplement V-Pro  Protein Powder undoubtedly tops the bill.

V-Pro  is made via a very simple process whereby whole hempseeds  are crushed and pressed to remove some of the oil. The remaining protein and fibre rich fraction is then milled and filtered to remove the roughest of the fibre. What is left is a 50% protein powder which contains about 20% fibre and 10% fat most of which comprises the essential fatty acids.

After a workout or a heavy training session proper recovery with high quality natural nutrition is the way to stay fit and maximize repair and healing and this is where V-Pro  scores.

V-Pro. is superior to other protein powders because it

· contains all the essential amino acids necessary for muscle growth and repair

· contains mainly globular proteins similar to  blood albumin which are utilsed efficiently by the body

· is high in the Branched Chain Amino Acids which are  metabolised in  muscle tissue and essential for repair

· is high in Arginine which promotes vasodilation and better tissue oxygenation

· Supplies the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 in the ideal ratio . These essential fatty acids are involved in transferring oxygen from the air in the lungs to every cell in the body. They play a part in holding oxygen in  cell membranes and  thus increasing exercise tolerance

· Is high in fibre which is unique to protein powders. This improves gut health which is essential for proper absorption of nutrients
· Is a raw  minimally processed food so it contains high levels of enzymes which improve digestibility

· Supplies  high levels of alkalizing minerals such as magnesium and potassium which the body draws from the gut to  neutralise metabolic acids thus speeding recovery

· Contains no enzyme inhibitors  or goitrogens as does soya

· Does not cause bloating or digestive problems

· Has no artificial ingredients

· Dairy Free   · Lactose free  · Gluten Free   · Hypoallergenic

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